Honor Your Emotions During the Pisces Blue Moon

As a water sign, a Pisces is no stranger to sifting through their own feelings and those of the people around them. Compassionate, intuitive, and generous are all fitting descriptors when referring to these members of the zodiac. They are beloved for their ability to heal and soothe others. With the Pisces Blue Moon gracing our skies August 30, we’ll each experience life through a sympathetic lens, though it’s important to honor your own emotions while navigating these vibes. Sensitivities will be heightened on a collective scale, and life could become confusing if you’re unable to separate yourself from the people you love.

Like a sponge saturated with fluid, we’ll become absorbent in the moods, words, and behaviors that surround us. Joy and irritation will be equally contagious, making it important that you’re mindful of whom you surround yourself with, taking into account the energy each individual carries and how it affects your own sense of peace. With the Virgo Sun in opposition to the Pisces Moon, you may also feel torn between logic and what your heart desires. Solutions may only be found when you take both into account.

Plan on scheduling some alone time at the beginning and end of the day, with the intention of facing whatever burdens and hopes you’re carrying. Boundaries will also come in handy throughout this lunation, especially if conflict arises. Should you find yourself butting heads or bickering with loved ones, consider taking a step back in order to focus on what’s actually important. Though it may be tempting to snap back when you encounter agitated characters, defusing the situation will serve you in the long run, either by setting boundaries or pointing out the issue.

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The Pisces Blue Moon is set for August 30.

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Full Moons are also believed to offer release; as Luna’s glow slowly diminishes throughout the following weeks, it takes with her our problems and fears. With this lunation occurring under the last sign in the zodiac wheel, these sentiments will seem truer than ever, marking the end of a celestial cycle. A year’s worth of emotional baggage will come to a head under this cosmic climate, making it important that you embrace whatever your heart and mind are trying to say. Luckily, letting go will seem easier than ever as the stars give you extra support to fully move on with your life, even if this process seems sticky at first.

As you move through these cosmic tides, it can be helpful to stay anchored with an activity or spiritual exercise. While each sign will experience this astrological event differently, we’ll all be given a chance to emerge with a sense of renewal.


The Full Moon will hit you deep in the feels, dear Aries, as Luna camps out in your solar 12th house, conjuring themes around privacy, secrets, and personal patterns. This luminary placement suggests you may have been hiding from your truth or concealing emotions recently, causing you to become slightly removed from the people you love. Rather than trying to force connection, use this astrological event as an excuse to relish much-needed alone time.

Though finding comfort in solitude doesn’t always come easily, you’ll be cosmically gifted with an opportunity to truly see yourself. Make the most of these vibes by accepting your situation exactly as it is without any sugarcoating or judgment. Once you’ve got a grip on where you’re excelling, could use a break, or need to work harder, you’ll be able to calibrate your heart and mind. Remember the importance of supporting yourself, especially when juggling the needs of family or a significant other.

Understand what you’re asking of yourself when it comes to the pursuit of personal and professional goals, and whether it’s time to release certain commitments in order to make new ones. It can also be helpful to journal any internal battles you’re not ready to share, giving yourself the space to fully process and plan the next steps of your journey. You may be asked to step into the limelight during the Aries solar eclipse on October 14, making now the ideal time to operate from behind the scenes, confronting any fears or self-doubt that could hold you back when the time comes to shine.


It’s time to consider how the state of our world is impacting your mental health, dear Taurus, as the Pisces Full Moon activates the sector of your chart that governs social consciousness and community. With a predictable onslaught of bad news each week, shrugging off issues that are important to you may be a coping mechanism you’ve adopted in order to stay functional. While we all need to create space for balance in our hearts and minds, this lunation encourages you to feel and understand what it means to connect with humankind as a whole.

Beauty and disappointment could be part of your Full Moon story as you search for light while staying informed. Educating yourself on political, environmental, and social issues will galvanize you to take action or make personal changes that can make a difference over time, helping you feel more at peace with your role as a citizen of the world. Leading by example can also create a sense of control in your own life and personal karma, making it important that you stand proudly as a symbol of your beliefs.

With the Leo Sun opposite our glorious Moon, you may also find value in imparting knowledge to a younger generation. Connecting with youth outreach programs or spending quality time with children in your family can help bring forth a sense of purpose, especially when you lead with a nurturing and warm demeanor. Do what you can to support the next generation, but remember to accept your responsibilities in creating change. When all is said and done, you might not feel totally at ease with the path of humankind, but you can take pride in your position within it.


You’ll be one of the more composed members of the zodiac during the Pisces Blue Moon, dear Gemini, as Luna sets up camp in your solar 10th house. This cosmic climate promises to illuminate themes around success, public life, responsibilities, and boundaries, putting you in a controlled headspace when you take these matters seriously. Unfortunately, an overwhelming element could come into play if you’ve felt weighed down or restricted within these realms, as the stars ask you to identify obstacles in your path.

Though you may be forced to contend with people or situations that have created roadblocks, new insights will come to light when you explore the idea of personal restriction, reflecting on which areas of your life could use some curbing. Whether you’ve fallen into a state of procrastination or have overburdened yourself with work and personal commitments, moderation will be the key to course correcting if things have gotten messy. However, you may need to get a little strict with yourself in order to see results, but try not to sacrifice a sense of grace in the process.

When it comes to your private life, it’s important that you establish a safe space for emotional connection, setting boundaries around what you’re willing to discuss or need more time to meditate on. Drawing lines could be particularly difficult when it comes to well-meaning family members or peers, though respectfully declining unsolicited advice can help reshape relationships that have become strained. If you have a habit of avoiding people who are grating on your nerves, consider using these vibes to kindly articulate how you’d like to be treated moving forward.


Your mission is to spread joy and cheer, darling Cancer, as the Pisces Full Moon inspires generosity of spirit. Sharing good news and creating fond memories will have an uplifting effect on you, providing you with an opportunity to thrive under this emotionally charged lunation. Allow yourself to find purpose in lifting others up, acting as a cheerleader for your family and friends. Pushing a confident and optimistic agenda on loved ones will impact you more than you might think, helping to create space for these themes internally.

You’ll become more aware of how our moods influence one another as the lines that separate our emotions become blurred under Luna’s glow. Fortunately, you’ll be in a unique position to change negatives into positives, though you may need to access your compassion, diplomacy, and perhaps a bit of playfulness. Simple phrases such as “That’s not nice” and “Let’s not fight” can have the power to change the trajectory of your conversations, so don’t be afraid to gently point out when a kinder approach can be taken.

A spiritual element also comes into play for you during this astrological event as Luna activates the sector of your chart that governs personal philosophies. Use this energy to reconnect with your soul, leaning into the practices and tools that help you connect with the life force that exists within and around you. As you take stock of your spirit, emotional energy will flow, helping you clear away any blocks that have been weighing down your aura. Remember to call in light when darkness arises, but don’t be afraid to face any fears, anxieties, or grief that have been haunting you recently.


The Pisces Full Moon brings depth to your heart and mind, dear Leo, as the stars nudge you to do some serious soul work. Romance, friendships, business relationships, and darkness will all come into view, inspiring you to reevaluate your personal commitments and closest companionships. Use this energy to consider how certain people have shaped your personality, taking special note of who brings out the best and worst in you. Unhappiness in work situations could also feel more pronounced than usual, causing you to meditate on whether you’re on the right path.

Though there will be plenty to contend with in terms of sorting out your life, you’ll be cosmically positioned to make some major changes. Opportunities to transform will hang in the air, making it important that you acknowledge where you want to be six months to a year from now. If there are any bad habits, patterns, or situations you’ve been meaning to shed, this astrological event offers the most empowering time of the year to do so. New connections, personal interests, and professional ambitions may also be on the horizon. You might be required to make some room before adding to your plate.

Themes around intimacy will also come into play under Luna’s glow, inspiring you to shed pretenses and lower boundaries. Don’t be afraid to open up with someone you love and trust, especially if you’ve been concealing hurt feelings, fears, or personal burdens. Venting to someone who cares can help you see challenging situations in a new light, though you should take care to confide in your most supportive, positive, and logical companions. Watch out for obsessive, possessive, or jealous behaviors, understanding that it would be easy to get caught up in these emotional traps if you don’t maintain a level mind.


The way you love yourself impacts your ability to love others, dear Virgo, a sentiment that will come to light under the Pisces Blue Moon. Lean into these vibes by practicing some serious self-care, nurturing and appreciating your mind, body, and spirit for moving you through this world. Heart-opening exercises can also help you navigate this cosmic climate effectively, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for beauty, grace, and sweetness within multiple aspects of life, taking care to showcase your compassionate and nurturing side.

The status of your love life will have a great impact on how you feel during this astrological event as the stars conjure themes around connectivity and romance. You may find yourself weighing both the good and bad of your current situation, understanding drawbacks while celebrating the positive. If you’re on the hunt for love, consider working on yourself as you swim through the dating pool, actively choosing to evolve and honor your needs as you wait for the right person to come along. Existing partnerships will benefit greatly from an evening of softness, making it a good time to temporarily table issues in order to reconnect at a heart level.

Should you find yourself more emotional than usual under Luna’s glow, it could be an indication that your life requires more balance. Take a moment to reflect on who or what has been throwing you off, and consider carving out some extra time for rest. Opportunities to shed unnecessary weight in order to level the scales will be strong right now, which applies to your solitary existence and the relationships you hold dear. Don’t be afraid to address dynamics that need some work, but remember that sensitivities will be heightened on a collective scale, requiring that you access your diplomatic side to promote open and cooperative exchanges.


Touch base with your mind-body connection, dear Libra, as the Pisces Blue Moon accentuates how your physical self responds to stress. The ambience will be busy and emotional, threatening to trigger an overwhelmed feeling. The coping mechanisms you turn to when pressure mounts will reveal themselves to be helpful or unhealthy as the stars urge you to curate a life that’s driven by ambition and wellness. Remember that how you support yourself is important, and consider how certain routines or behaviors might elevate or hinder your overall efficiency and sense of control.

Your work life will also come into focus under Luna’s glow, causing you to take stock of your daily life and how it impacts your emotional health. A lack of camaraderie or teamwork around the office could create professional stagnancy, making it important that you find ways to emotionally connect with certain elements of your job. If you start to feel as though there’s no way to find fulfillment in your current position, take this lunation as a signal from the stars that it’s time to gather references and update your résumé. Don’t be afraid to release work that’s not serving you, but be sure to find a stable platform to step toward.

A desire to feel useful will drive your heart right now, making it a good time to offer favors for friends or family in need. Demonstrate your loyalty and love through actions and meaningful gestures, showcasing physical evidence of the way you feel. However, you should resist the temptation to “fix” people or situations that don’t require your help, understanding that there’s a fine line between overbearing and caring. If you start to nitpick loved ones, it could be an indication that it’s time to straighten out your own affairs.


Don’t bother trying to articulate yourself in conventional ways, dear Scorpio, as the Pisces Blue Moon puts your creative mind into hyperdrive. The energy will be inspiring and exhilarating, causing you to embrace your most individualistic and outgoing self. Emotions will run through you with ease, though artistic outlets can help you express deep sentiments in ways that are organic, playful, and authentic. Luckily, people will respond positively when you act genuinely, with the exception of those who are jealous or threatened by your talents.

The shadow side of this lunation could trigger a case of impostor syndrome, causing you to second-guess your unique gifts and what they’ve earned. Take care to compliment yourself anytime self-doubt creeps in, combating unsubstantiated fears by acknowledging personal achievements and strengths. If you’ve become obsessive over work and professional goals, consider giving yourself a much-needed reset, redirecting your focus and energy toward passion projects, connecting with friends, or venturing into the dating pool. If you have any siblings or children, these vibes also pair well with family bonding excursions.

Though you’re a creature fairly comfortable with solitude, the importance of friendship will be accentuated right now, threatening to conjure loneliness if you’ve been spending more weekends in. Even if you’re regularly in the presence of a significant other, it’s important to remember that all relationships need your attention. Realigning with family and platonic companions will stir parts of your spirit that may have become dormant, especially if work demands have caused you to pull back from leisure or fun. Do yourself and your heart a favor by letting your hair down, giving yourself time to appreciate the joy and love other people provide.


You’re an adventurous sign who thrives on movement, dearest archer, moving through life with a bold spirit and open heart. However, the part of yourself that adores new frontiers may also cause you to balk when problems arise internally or within relationships, bringing forth that ferocious Sagittarius energy that’s known for abrupt exits and fierce debates. While these attributes can help you escape bad situations, issues will arise when these behaviors appear within devoted dynamics. With Luna shining brightly in the sector of your chart that governs private affairs, problems or emotions you’ve been dodging may suddenly boil over.

Before you engage in important conversations or emotional exchanges, it’ll be important to touch base with your heart and what it truly wants. The energy will be dreamy and sensitivities heightened, making it easy to get carried away by your feelings. Whether you’re falling in love but not quite sure you’re ready for a commitment or feeling weighed down by a current relationship, now may not be the best time to make important decisions around matters of the heart. Rather than forcing yourself to take action based on the speed you’re accustomed to, give yourself space to slow down and truly hear the voice within.

Your intuition will also benefit from a cosmic boost under this cosmic climate. The path ahead may seem blurry if logic doesn’t align with your visions. Try to remember that the universe speaks in grand and elusive ways, and that signs and synchronicities won’t add up to much if you don’t nurture the ambitions and relationships you hold so dear. Think about which areas of your life could use extra effort, making a Full Moon vow to bring more love and focus to these parts of your existence.


The Pisces Blue Moon will have a cerebral and emotional effect on you, dearest Capricorn, as Luna shines brightly in the sector of your chart that governs thought process. This cosmic climate will put you in an emotional yet analytical headspace, helping you better understand the people around you. Placing yourself in the position of loved ones will allow you to unpack their feelings or actions, though you should proceed with caution when excusing bad behaviors, as too much compassion could drive you to ignore red flags.

Themes around truth and deception will also come into play during this astrological event. The stars will test your ability to determine what’s real and what isn’t. Don’t hesitate to ask direct questions if you feel confused or left in the dark, but remember to consider how your words are being heard. You’ll be in a unique position to help others find their accountability. However, the sensitive nature of this lunation suggests a soft approach will be most effective. These same sentiments apply to your internal dialogues, so be mindful to keep a positive attitude in your thoughts and voice.

It’ll be important that you find time to quiet your mind between sorting through your heart and personal connections. Don’t get caught up in micro dramas, social affairs, and to-do lists that threaten to trigger burnout or meltdowns if you demand too much of yourself. Small breathers throughout the day can help you feel in control and clear-headed, and should be considered mandatory acts of self-care. Journaling and therapy can be particularly helpful, especially if there are people relying on you to stay strong.


Reach for emotional stillness, dear Aquarius, as the Pisces Blue Moon nudges your heart to center itself. You’ll be in a unique position to create a sense of security for yourself and others, especially when you stay open and calm. This cosmic climate will ask that you release stubborn behaviors that negatively impact your relationships, appreciating what’s really important instead. Your connections will strengthen when you hold space for safe exchanges, so don’t be afraid to go deep without putting stress on delicate situations.

Though you’ll feel inspired to stay present in the moment, that doesn’t mean your ambitions have been capped. With a natural hunger for success and personal evolution, it can be difficult to fully appreciate what you already have. Try to remember that finding gratitude doesn’t mean settling for less but can reconnect you with the strength and endurance that got you where you are. Planting seeds for the future will give you a sense of control and purpose, so be sure to consider your long-term financial goals from a place of strategy rather than pressure, implementing changes as needed.

If you find yourself uncovering deep emotions or complex entanglements, nature offers opportunities to heal. Consider heading into the great outdoors to honor your true feelings, relishing in the nurturing support only Mother Nature can provide. A generous ambience may also inspire you to give back, making it the perfect time to donate to an environmental nonprofit. Volunteering to plant trees or pick up trash can also help you escape anxieties and stress that typically plague you, helping you find the serenity this Full Moon is pushing you to embrace.


Get ready for plenty of attention, dear Pisces, as the Blue Moon rises under your sign. This cosmic climate will illuminate unique attributes both good and bad, asking you to face your most authentic self. Rather than standing in a place of internal judgment or criticism, use this energy as a means to honor your truth, even if doing so leads to conclusions that some things must change. Luckily, an adaptable and fluid energy flows in your direction, helping you course correct as needed.

If you’ve been working behind the scenes on creative or professional projects, Luna’s glow urges you to share these ideas and efforts with others. Though you’re often comfortable flying under the radar, the stars bring forth a burst of outgoing confidence, providing the gumption required to enthusiastically showcase your brilliance. You’ll sparkle brilliantly when speaking about projects you are proud of, helping you sell others on these visions. Be sure to consider where you’re at in certain goals, choosing your audience based on how far along and polished the work is.

While it’ll be easy to maintain composure publicly, your private life will reveal where work must be done. Small grievances or annoyances could reach a breaking point, forcing you to address issues that have been swept under the rug for too long. There may be times when you feel attacked or called out by loved ones, threatening to trigger fight-or-flight instincts. Curbing emotions can help you successfully navigate this astrological event, making it important that you pause to listen before offering a response. If you feel tensions rising, don’t hesitate to ask for space in order to clear your mind. However, you’ll want to return to these situations once you’ve found clarity, understanding that the stars won’t allow you to hide from yourself or others, making accountability the only true path toward resolution.

Renée Watt is a Pacific Northwest-based professional psychic, astrologer, and witch. Her mystical insights have been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and InStyle. She hosts the weekly podcast The Glitter Cast, which features celebrity ghost stories and interviews with leading professionals in her field.

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