How to celebrate National Forgiveness Day this week

National Forgiveness Day – Here’s how to celebrate

National Forgiveness Day – Here’s how to celebrate


CHICAGO (CBS) — Do you know what this coming Friday is?

It’s National Forgiveness Day.

CBS 2′ Suzanne Le Mignot spoke with the founder of the day, Dr. Debi Silber of the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute.

She says it’s a day to move towards forgiveness because of the physical, mental, and emotional challenges withholding it can cause.

Silber believes forgiving people can be transformative to health and the ability to connect.

She says it also helps people sleep better and live better.

“There’s actually a collection of symptoms so common to betrayal,” Dr. Silber said. “It’s known as Post Betrayal Syndrome, and these are symptoms like anxiety and digestive issues, and weight changes and hypervigilance. And there are so many physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. And unless and until we deliberately and intentionally heal these things, they’re impacting our health, our work, our relationships. So, forgiving is one of those ways that we start to heal from those symptoms.”

To celebrate National Forgiveness Day, the PBT Institute is conducting a social experiment.

They want to see if it’s possible to move from being angry, bitter, and resentful, to being more forgiving, in just 21 days.

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