Love is Blind’s Micah still has feelings for Paul after brutal wedding rejection

Published: 2023-08-30T16:54:06

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Love is Blind After the Altar showcases the messy aftermath of Paul and Micah’s relationship. Is there a chance of reconciliation for the ex-couple?

Fans of Love is Blind were left in shock when Paul rejected Micah at the altar.

Throughout season 4, the couple seemed genuinely happy together. So during their wedding, when Paul refused to say “I do,” viewers were dying to know what led to his decision.

According to Paul, despite his deep love for Micah, he just couldn’t see her as a mother. Since starting a family is very important to him, this ended up being a major deal breaker.

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Of course, Micah was left devastated following Paul’s rejection, and the two hashed it out at the season 4 reunion. But now that some time has passed, will the ex-couple be able to rekindle their relationship and work through the barriers they once faced?

Love is Blind After the Altar exposes Micah and Paul’s unfinished business

On September 1st, Netflix will be releasing the Love is Blind season 4 After the Altar special. As shown in previous seasons, After the Altar reveals where all the cast mates have winded up following the reunion.

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When a trailer for After the Altar was released, a central focus was on the drama that still has loose ends between Micah and Paul. According to Micah, there are still “lingering feelings” between them, despite the tragic way their relationship ended.

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“I think there’s still lingering feelings,” she confesses in the trailer.

“I can’t help but wonder, ‘What if?’” Paul later questions, referring to their love story.

Of course, fans of the hit reality dating series have their own strong opinions about the ex-couple. Dedicated viewers took to the Love is Blind Subreddit to discuss their thoughts on Micah and Paul’s relationship.

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“Honestly I just don’t think they’re compatible,” one fan wrote. “Paul talked a lot about how he’s very analytical/logical and likes that Micah brings out a more carefree side of him. But I still feel like Paul wants a partner who is more intellectually stimulating and cares about deeper things, like saving rainforests and human rights. Not to say Micah is shallow, but the girl picked apart his clothes/style a lot… I feel like image and outside appearance is of high importance to her.”

Another commenter agreed, writing, “It seemed like Micah was always trying to change Paul in a lot of ways and treated him as an accessory.”

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Stay tuned for the Love is Blind After the Altar special airing September 1st on Netflix.

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