Optical illusion shows who is highly logical or more emotionally intelligent – ‘so true!’

An optical illusion has amazed social media with its ability to tell who is better connected with emotions and people or logic and reason.

This bright red psychological picture requires the viewer to take a look and decide if they see either an apple core or the faces of a man and a woman.

Depending on what the viewer sees, this personality test should reveal your intelligence type as well as what your strengths are.

This fun and quick brainteaser was first shared in a video by optical illusion specialist Mia Yilin, who has become popular on the internet with her incredible ability to guess someone’s personality traits.

In Mia’s comment section, one shocked user said: “[Mia] is probably the only person who understands me this well” while another person wrote: “This is so true! How does [Mia] always get it right?!”

Faces of a man and women 

If you first saw the silhouettes of both a man and a woman, then you are highly logical and use your intelligence to question things other people take for granted.

Mia said: “You are probably the most logical out of those around you. You’re a kind person and have strict morals, but you don’t like to be blindly led by the heart into making silly or poor decisions. Instead, you think things through every step of the way.”

Your ability to think rationally can be very rewarding, even if you sometimes wish you could turn off your brain.

Mia explained: “Such caution can make you feel exhausted at times but in the end you always find that it’s worth it.”

Apple core 

If you are a highly social and emotional person who is very kind when it comes to other people, and always knows the right thing to say when loved ones are having problems.

Mia said: “You are very emotionally sensitive. This does not mean you un unstable and always upset, no, not at all! Rather it implies that you are very good at reading hidden signals and always know the right thing to say in social settings.

However, you can sometimes be shy and a little unconfident despite how connected you are with your emotions.

Mia explained: “You choose to remain silent, because you don’t want to arouse attention and often feel that your intelligence is belittled by others.”

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