How to Complete the Distilling Confidence Mission in Starfield

Within the city of New Atlantis in Starfield, there are a lot of people that need your help. Not only is there more major groups of Constellation and the UC, but also the SSNN, alongside various NPCs who might have stories you’d find worth following. One such person who needs help can be found not long after you enter the city. Here’s how to complete the Distilling Confidence mission in Starfield.

How to Help Nyssa in Distilling Confidence in Starfield

Starfield Distilling Confidence Location
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The mission first begins at The Viewport bar in New Atlantis, found near the massive intertwining statue past the security checkpoint. Once inside, speak to Nyssa, and she’ll tell you about a package that she’s missing because UC Security has held her up. She’s tried just about everything, and needs a set of hands willing to bend the law slightly to get what she needs. This begins the mission.

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Once you’ve claimed it, make your way back through the security checkpoint and behind where your ship is landed. This will bring you to a closed room called Storage A, where Nyssa’s package is stored. You can’t get in through normal means, so you’ll need to resort to methods only someone like yourself would know.

The main two ways you can do this are through persuasion and through hacking. If you want to go the persuasion route, you’ll need to speak to the man managing the Storage room, Emin Macar. Pass enough persuasion checks, and he’ll open the door for you. The other method is by hacking the door open. You can do this by using a Digipick on a nearby computer, which can be hacked no matter your level in Security.

No matter how you get inside, snag yourself the Package for Nyssa, and return it to her to get your reward! If you’re looking for help with other missions, check out our guide on how to complete Alternating Currents in Starfield.

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