Ranga Bou update: Kiran and Samar seek forgiveness; Kush to allow them in Pyari Bhaban?

In the latest episode of Ranga Bou, elderly couple Tarunjyoti-Belarani finally gets their shelter back. It is also their 50th wedding anniversary today. Rajesh’s dad help them get back their most prized possession, ‘Pyari Bhaban’. Simantini, Anupama, Rajesh, his dad, Sudarshan, Kush and Pakhi happily celebrate Tarunjyoti-Belarani’s 50th wedding anniversary. Suddenly someone knocks at the door.

Kiran-Samar work on their plan

Pakhi answers the door only to find out it’s, none other than Kiran and Samar who threw out their parents a few days back. Belarani and Tarunjyoti are shocked to see them and wonder why they are here. Kiran and Samar, who already has a plan in mind, don’t waste a single minute. They shed tears, pretend to be a changed person and seek shelter. Their parents quickly realize what brought them here.
Belarani sheds tears and remind them how a few days back Samar-Kiran harassed their parents. They didn’t think twice before throwing them out of Pyari Bhaban.

Tarunjyoti shows no mercy

Tarunjyoti doesn’t show any mercy to his sons. Pakhi is equally upset because of Samar-Kiran’s past behaviour. She reminds how the duo constantly harassed Tarunjyoti and Belarani.
Meanwhile, Chandralekha pretends to be unwell and begs for mercy. Though Shil family realizes what Kiran-Samar and their wives are upto, Pakhi gives them food. Soon, Kiran and Samar seek shelter after emotionally blackmailing his elderly parents. Belarani, who is worried about the safety of her young granddaughters, eventually becomes weak. But a determined Tarunjyoti, who is no mood to forgive his sons, asks Pakhi-Kush to take the decision. Pakhi allows them to stay for a few days while Kush is yet to announce his decision.

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